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TickleFLEX Insulin Injection Aid

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TickleFLEX is a universal fit insulin injection aid that supports best practice for injecting with short needles. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety when injecting insulin,empowering individuals of all ages to inject with confidence. 

  • An accessory for the end of your insulin pen that makes self-injecting a safer, more comfortable, more consistent and a worry free process
  • Attaches to the end of your insulin pen, allowing you to use in the normal way 
  • Reduces injecting pain by gently gathering subcutaneous tissue, creating a distraction for the brain, which may reduce pain significantly
  • Hides the needle as it breaks the skin, reducing stress for those with needle phobia
  • Has a large pad area that prevents needle going in too deep
  • Helps to keep needle stable, enabling to reach further around your body, and inject with one hand. Making elderly people more independent, and confident
  • Can substantially reduce bruising
  • Will fit onto any Universal single use 4-8 mm needle
  • Made from silicon with anti-microbial additive
  • Manufactured out of Silicone with an anti-microbial additive which prevents bacteria building up on it
  • Can be washed and boiled
  • The silicone is flexible and holds shape with an estimated lifespan of 12 months
  • Comes with travel case and UV protector to prevent breakdown of silicone

Please read instructions on the use of the TickleFlex carefully.   If high blood glucose levels are persistent, please contact your treating diabetes team.

Please note: It does not fit the Toujeo Solostar pens or work with safety needles.

TickleFLEX injection site desensitiser has achieved Australian Government TGA approval (ARTG ID 303294) as a Medical Device Included Class 1.





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