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My Diabetes Emergency Plan

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In the event of a natural disaster there can be serious impacts on the ability to manage appropriate self-care for those living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Planning ahead reduces the risk of diabetes-related infections and life-threatening situations.

The Diabetes Emergency Plan, is a leaflet containing important information that will help you keep managing your diabetes during a natural disaster or emergency.

The Plan lists your medical details and important contacts and has a checklist for preparing a Diabetes Emergency Kit.

Preparing a Diabetes Emergency Plan and Diabetes Emergency Kit and keeping them up to date will:

•   Help prevent infection and avoid life-threatening situations by equipping you to self-manage diabetes in an emergency.

•   Ensure medical and emergency services have the right information about your condition and medical history if you need treatment.

Being able to self-manage diabetes during and after an emergency also helps others because medical staff can focus on people who need immediate attention.