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Medactiv EasyBag iCool

$69.95 - $88.95
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Isothermic bag

For the transport of sensitive medication at an optimum temperature

The freedom to travel

Designed for the transport of sensitive medications at a temperature between 2°C to 8°C for 12 hours (Weekender) or 24 hours (Prestige)

Cooling compartment

Keeps all your sensitive medication at a constant temperature

Storage space

Weekender: Travel in safety with three insulin pens

Prestige: A special compartment reserved for your glucose (or other) meter, your syringes and needles

Recommended uses

Insulin, growth hormones, adrenaline, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and interferons


  • Weekender: 190 x 120 x 50mm
  • Prestige: 190 x 170 x 60mm


  • Weekender: 400g
  • Prestige: 780g
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