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Comfy Pump - Insulin Pump Belt

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The Comfy Pump belt fits snug around your waist to enable you to discreetly carry your pump underneath your clothing in one of the inbuilt pockets. 

Depending on the size, you can also use your Comfy Pump belt to safely carry a hypo treatment, mobile phone or money. 

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • For all insulin pump users, from children to adults
  • No clips, zips or velcro 
  • Made only from high quality lycra/nylon stretch fabric
  • Up to 6 pockets per belt, depending on the size
  • Suits all occasions, from business to active wear


Extra Small - 47 to 55cm

Small - 55 to 65cm

Medium - 65 to 85cm

Large - 85 to 100cm

Extra Large - 100cm to 140cm

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