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Bubbles - Reversible Write On Bracelet

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The bubbles reversible write on medical bracelet is what you need to keep your child safe when away from home. 

The inner side of the wristband has a white write-on strip for you to write any vital information on.

This can include their medical condition, the type of symptoms that are present, instructions in the case of an emergency and contact details.

The medical wristband information is discrete, but easily recognised as a medical ID by medical professionals by the Star of Life logo.The logo is a universally recognised emergency medical services symbol.


Bubble Design

Colour: White & Multi-coloured

Logos: Star of life & Mediband Logo


Phrase 1: Alert! Medical Condition

Write on Strip

Size: Small (150mm)

Quantity per pack: One


Using permanent marker pen, write your desired phrases on the white write on strip. 

Submerge in boiled water for 30 seconds to set pen marking.

Please note that further writing on the band after setting in hot water will not work.


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