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BD Ultra-Fine PRO 4mm Pen Needle

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BD have redesigned their smallest, thinnest pen needle with users in mind. 


The new BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle makes injections easier for individuals who need to inject their diabetes medication. 

The BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle includes a wide outer cover, moulded ridges and additional grips to support easy attachment and the removal of your pen needle from a medication pen device. This is particularly important for people with hand tremors or have limited strength and may find it difficult to manage their injections.

The redesigned pen needle includes a 5-bevel comfort, a five-edged needle tip. As a result significantly less thumb force is required to gently ease the needle into the skin for a smoother and gentler injections.

Easy Flow technology and an extra thin wall cannula increases the flow rate of diabetes medication resulting in faster injections.

The new BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm Pen Needle is compatible with most leading brands of diabetes medication pen devices and suitable for use by most people with diabetes including adults and children.

This pen needle product consists of 100 per pack.

Please ensure you always consult your Healthcare Professional regarding treatment of your Diabetes.

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