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Accu-Chek Fastclix Lancet Device

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One click is all it takes. Priming and releasing are now combined into a simple one click action. The Accu-Chek FastClix device has been designed to make lancing quick and easy. The rotatable cap offers 11 depth settings that will allow you customise the device to your skin type. The lancing device uses a drum of 6 preloaded lancets, so you won't need to handle individual lancets.

Benefits and Features

  • One click action makes lancing quick and easy
  • Lever makes it easy to advance to a fresh lancet
  • Rotatable cap offers 11 depth settings for different skin types
  • Lancet drum is preloaded with 6 lancets. No lancet handling.
  • The window next to the lever shows the number of remaining lancets in a drum
  • Reduced risk of accidental sticks
  • The Clixmotion technology is the principle of guided lancet motion with minimised vibrations and oscillations which is the key to gentle lancing
Penetration range                        

0.7 to 2.2 mm

Length and width                       

119 mm x 19 mm                       

Weight (with drum)                        

19.3 g



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